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Welcome to this Hunt County, Texas, website

     The primary focus of this site is to serve as a finder index to mentions of topics (persons, places, and things) within the extracted newspapers.

     The data concept shown here comes from early work done with newspapers by Gail Slater in conjunction with John J. Armstrong. It has moved from typewritten extracts (1988-90), to obituary lists (1989-90), to computer extracts (1991-present), and now to internet resources (2000-present) due to the efforts of Max Strebkov.

     The project relates a newspaper reference (newspaper, day, date, section, page, and title/extract) to a group of topics; at the same time it relates a topic to a group of references. Thus, both Date Index and Topic Index views are available. One may enter a search topic to see what newspaper references are connected with it. Likewise, one may choose a year and month to see what references (and topics) exist for that time period.

     Ultimately, it is an index to the newspapers from which it was derived; the index covers newspaper issues as early as 1868 and as late as the present. Not all issues exist for extraction and not all known issues have even been extracted. The newspaper resources themselves exist on microfilm at the W. Walworth Harrison Library, Greenville, Texas. Please contact Carol Taylor with the library about images of the full articles mentioned within the index.

     You may check our old website for some information which may not have yet appeared here.

It is hoped that this on-going project will further local history and genealogical research. Good wishes with your searches.


July 10, 2001 We have upgraded our search engine. We are expecting that the newer search method will help you find more matches. If you have any comments or feedback, please message to us.

April 21, 2001 Please, use the guest book to post messages and feedback for us.

April 19, 2001 There has been added new page to the website containing a list of related and useful links. It may help be of help to you in your searches. If you have own URL which would relate here, please message to us


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